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Wooden Spice & Condiments Stand
  • Wooden Spice & Condiments Stand

    • Product Specification

      Introducing our beautifully crafted wooden spice box stand with stainless steel containers. This elegant spice box stand combines the rustic charm of wood with the modern sophistication of stainless steel. The sturdy wooden base provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing foundation, while the stainless steel containers keep your spices fresh and organized. Each container is designed to easily fit into the stand, making it simple to access your favorite spices while cooking. Perfect for any kitchen, this spice box stand is both functional and stylish, adding a touch of elegance to your culinary space.


      • Weighs: 138-1400 g approx
      • Dimensions: 9 inch diameter, 3.5 inch height approx.
      • Containers: 10-12g, 2.5 inch diameter, 3 inch height
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