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Our Story


"Our aim is to curate inspiration for your individual style  - your home and yourself. Through Abelhouse community, we also aim to connect unique, imaginative and enterprising women and artisans to people across the globe. 

Our lifestyle products offer inspirational living through finest and exclusive products. It is about finding joy in the everyday, curating joyful moments!" 

Story Behind Our Name

For both of us, we had this innate need to prove to ourselves that despite the sabbaticals, life with small kids, we are still fully ‘Able’ to run the show. Oftentimes, mothers’ especially new ones, are almost invisible when it comes to professional responsibility. We wanted to break that stigma and create this space for exactly the same reasons. With our small business, it’s a humble attempt to break this stereotype and prove that women are fully ‘Able’. However, this word is not internet domain friendly (teehee!). 

We played around with word spellings and found this beautiful meaning of the biblical name Abel – means breath  - a basic luxury that the world missed in the pandemic times. In some dictionaries, it also is synonymous with competence and able nature. 

‘House’ got added because it will be a haven for the women who resonate with the ideology. There came “Abel House” – a brand that is built by women and will take ‘women for women’ philosophy forward.

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“We both found each other as new mothers who took childcare sabbaticals from MNC jobs.  In fact that’s how we bonded – over our crying kids in the nursery year of our kids. We connected, shared our experiences, our learnings from MNC experiences and how we still felt the “ability” to do more.

But this time, making sure we build a business around our lives not vice versa – no to a life around an MNC job! We found our common love for home décor, love for fabrics and metals, local art & crafts etc. and took it from there. ” 

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“We are very lucky to be born in India where we have the availability of talent of artisans and handicrafts in abundance. Yes, it is difficult today to create unique preposition in lifestyle brand space but we don’t have to look very far for creating a USP. 

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The global trend is moving towards sustainability and creating a long lasting quality product and I believe Indian art & crafts were always built to last longer than fleeting global trends. We want to tap onto that USP that is already available with us as Indians.”

Abel House Logo.jpeg
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