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Swarn Phool Quarter Plate
  • Swarn Phool Quarter Plate

    • Product Specification

      Inscribed in elegant bronze, the quarter plate bears the exquisite name 'Swarn Phool,' capturing the essence of a golden bloom. 

      This plate, a symbol of grace and elegance, adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

      Weight: 415g

      Dimensions: 8" diameter


      • Care

        • This product has been crafted by skilled artisans of India. Each product is handmade /mould castings with love thus slight variation such as abrasions, uneveness or minor scratches  can be observed which is a natural outcome of human involvement in the process.
        • Metals come with tarnishing property, with time it is bound to happen and should not be considered as defect. 
        • Clean with a non-abrasive sponge. Washable with Dish Detergent. Do not use scotch -brite as it can lead to scratches.
        • We recommend using pitambari powder paste to maintain the shine. 
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