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Satin Finish Kansa  Set of 3 Bowls Combo of S, M & L
  • Satin Finish Kansa Set of 3 Bowls Combo of S, M & L

    Proudly handcrafted in India

    • Product Specification

      Introducing our elegant Kansa serving bowls, perfect for the contemporary Indian household. Available in three versatile sizes, these exquisite handcrafted bronze bowls add a touch of sophistication to your dining experience while embracing the time-honored benefits of Kansa. 

      Kansa, also known as bronze, is believed to have health benefits according to Ayurveda. It is said to balance the doshas (energies) in the body and enhance digestion.

      These bowls have sleek and minimalist designs that cater to modern aesthetics. Clean lines, smooth finishes, and unique shapes can make the bowls visually appealing and suitable for various dining settings. A perfect mix of modern & vintage. 

      Explore the beauty of handcrafted Kansa with a glossy finish – a testament to timeless artistry and modern sensibilities.

      We have 3 sizes - Small, Medium & Large. Sizes are approximate and are in inches & gms

        Height Diameter   Total weight & capacity
      Small 3.5 5.5   920-930g, 650 ml
      Medium 4 6   1100g, 1000 ml
      Large 5 7   1330-1340g, 1250 ml

      Ladle - 8 inch, 125-135 gm


      Minor variations in handcrafted products are not only expected but also cherished as they add a unique charm and beauty to each piece. Handcrafted items often showcase the artisan's skill and personal touch, making them distinct from mass-produced items. These subtle variations can include slight variations in shape, color, texture, or patterns, which are considered part of the beauty and appeal of handcrafted products.

      Celebrating each bowl as no two bowls are alike. 

    • Know more about me

      Most of our Kansa items are in stock however sometimes the final finishing is given only at the time of order. This results in delay by couple of days especially in case of monsoons. Please bear with us while we ready your order. It is more important to us that your order is delivered in flawless state to you. 

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