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Paan ka Patta Brass Toran
  • Paan ka Patta Brass Toran

    Proudly made in India

    • Product Specification

      Betel leaves, commonly known as "paan" leaves, hold significant cultural and religious importance in various Hindu rituals and poojas. They are often used to represent purity and freshness. Their vibrant green color is associated with new beginnings and cleanliness, making them a suitable offering during religious ceremonies. In some cultures and regions, betel leaves are offered as a gesture of hospitality and respect when guests arrive, and this practice extends to the worship of deities during poojas which makes them perfect symbols in shining golden brass to be hung outside your home as a toran. 


      • Weighs - 200-220 g
      • 45 inches in length
      • Each leaf is 3 inch long and 2 inch wide

      Material: Pure Brass


      This is a handcrafted product. The leaves are laser & acid etched but there is human hand involvment of putting the leaves together in the chain. There could be hand marks which are part of any hand crafted product. There could also be cases where the leaf gets unattached from the chain due to the ring becoming unhooked. They can be reattached easily. Kindly do not consider them as a defect

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