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Dragon Fly Brass Pendant In Silver
  • Dragon Fly Brass Pendant In Silver

    Proudly handcrafted in India

    • Product Specification

      Elegance meets symbolism in our handcrafted brass jewelry featuring a delicate dragonfly pendant. Embrace the allure of this enchanting creature, cherished for its luck-bringing essence in many cultures. Each piece tells a story of artistry and positive energies, making it more than just jewelry – it's a timeless connection to both beauty and fortune.


      • Finish: Silver
      • Materia: Brass
      • Length:19 inches
      • Weight: 30 gm


      Care tips for brass jewellery:

      • Avoid long exposure to water & humidity as it can cause tarnishing in metals.
      • When not in use, it is advisable to store each piece separately in dry cloth or plastic bags.
      • We advise using only brass safe cleaners or mild soaps with water on your metal jewellery and immediately drying & buffing with a soft cloth.
      • Please do not use alcohol products as they can damage the polish
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