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Brass Tiffin Box 3 tier
  • Brass Tiffin Box 3 tier

    • Product Specification

      Rekindle the warmth of nostalgia with our two-level Brass Tiffin Box – a timeless treasure that echoes the charm of yesteryears. Each compartment carries not just meals but a journey down memory lane, evoking the joy of simpler times. Crafted with precision and adorned in brass, this tiffin box is more than a vessel; it's a nostalgic embrace of tradition, making every meal a delightful journey back to cherished memories.


      Weighs: 1440 g approx

      Height: 14 inch (36cm), Base 5 inch (12.7cm)

      Inner coating with Tin to make it food safe.


      • Gentle cleansing with regular dishwashing liquid with a soft sponge is advised. We do not recommend dishwasher as it may damage the finish.
      • Immediate wipe dry to avoid water stains
      • We do not recommend the use of scotch brite/abrasive sponges as it may damage the surface
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