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Brass Chitai Chapati Box
  • Brass Chitai Chapati Box

    • Product Specification

      Experience the perfect blend of functionality and artistry with our Chapati Box featuring exquisite Brass Chitai artwork on the lid and a sturdy wooden base. Elevate your dining presentation as this unique box not only preserves the freshness of your chapatis but also adds a touch of traditional craftsmanship to your kitchen.

      Key Features:

      • Brass Chitai Artwork: Admire the detailed craftsmanship on the brass lid, showcasing traditional Chitai art that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your chapati box.
      • Wooden Base: The durable wooden base provides a solid foundation and complements the brass lid, creating a harmonious balance of materials.
      • Preservation: Keep your chapatis fresh for longer periods, thanks to the secure and airtight seal offered by the intricately designed brass lid.
      • Functional Elegance: This chapati box seamlessly combines art and utility, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen decor.


      • Lid: Brass, Base: Mango Wood
      • Weight: 1.1 kg
      • Size:9’ diameter, 3’ height


      Keep Dry. Wipe clean with a soft white damp cloth, if required. We do not recommend this product for dishwashing.



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