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Kalpvriksh Adult Kansa 10.5 inch Thali Set (5 pieces) | Glossy
  • Kalpvriksh Adult Kansa 10.5 inch Thali Set (5 pieces) | Glossy

    • Product Specification

      Pure Kansa is an Indian name for bell metal or bronze. Considered a superior metal, Kansa is an alloy of Copper 70-85 percent and Tin 30- 15 percent both heated together up to 700 centigrade to form pure bronze. Kansa aka bronze metal is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts where eating out of it is thought to develop intellectual powers.

      Added to our Kansa set, we thought of embossing Kalpavriksha symbol. Kalpavriksha often referred to as the "Wish-Fulfilling Tree" or "Divine Tree," is a mythical and sacred tree in Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist traditions. This symbolic tree holds a significant place in the religious and cultural beliefs of these communities, and it is often associated with granting wishes and providing spiritual blessings.

      The set contains a serving plate, 1 bowls, 1 dessert dish 1 spoon & a tumbler.


      • Serving Plate: 10.5 inch dia approx. 1 inch height, weighs 750-760 g approx
      • Bowl: 3.5 inch dia, 1.5 inch height, weighs 130-150 gm approx.
      • Dessert dish: 4 inch dia, 1' inch height, 120-130 gm approx
      • Tumbler:3 inch dia,  3 inch height, weighs 170-190 gm approx.
      • Spoon : 6.5 inch, 50-60 gm approx
      • Material: Kansa
      • Total weight: 1200-1300gm approx.

      Care : To care for a Kansa utensils, follow these guidelines:

      • Washing: After each use, wash the Kansa Thali set with warm water and mild dish soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that could damage the metal. Gently clean each piece, making sure to remove any food residue or stains. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
      • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Do not use harsh chemicals, such as bleach or strong detergents, as they can tarnish or corrode the Kansa Thali set. Stick to gentle dish soaps or natural cleaning agents.
      • Storing: Store the Kansa Thali set in a clean and dry place. If possible, wrap each piece individually in soft cloth or tissue paper to prevent scratching or damage. Avoid stacking the pieces directly on top of each other, as this may lead to scratches or dents.
      • Pitambari Powder: We recommend occasional use of pitambari powder to maintain the natural gleam of all metal products. 

      All metals tend to tarnish overtime but they are build to last generations.

      Generally, bell metal is relatively sturdy and resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for various applications such as utensils, sculptures, and bells. However, like any material, it can break under excessive force, impact, or if it's dropped from a significant height.

    • Care

      • This product has been crafted by skilled artisans of India. Each product is handmade /mould castings with love thus slight variation such as abrasions, uneveness or minor scratches  can be observed which is a natural outcome of human involvement in the process.
      • Metals come with tarnishing property, with time it is bound to happen and should not be considered as defect. 
      • Clean with a non-abrasive sponge. Washable with Dish Detergent. Do not use scotch -brite as it can lead to scratches.
      • We recommend using pitambari powder paste to maintain the shine. 
    • Delivery

      We usually dispatch the items within 24-48 hours but in case there is any production involved, we will inform you accordingly. All our orders reach the recipients within 2-10 days depending upon the location and the product availability.


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